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One excuse for not going gym

I wrote a post on reasons people give for not going to gym. It had some personal information and hence it was protected. In a nut shell, I explained how people give indigenous excuses for not going to gym. While writing that post I hit few interesting websites, of which I am sharing two of them here. These two are for shapping up your abs.

Do exercise in home

One of the prominent excuse given is, you can do exercise in home itself and why to spend time in gym? But how often that’s the case? Do we know enough workouts for that? Most of them we need to get kits to support the exercise. There are some exercise you can do, and that too without any machines. Here is this site.

No kit abs exercises

This site lists out what are the exercises you can do yourself in home without any kit what so ever. It lists three level of exercises.

From the website

Six packs – Wiki how

This site shows how you can get a the coveted six pack yourself. This ofcourse needs little bit of machinery, but worth giving it a try.

Now this is one good reason you can say for not going to gym. But yeah, take out that track shoes and hit road for a jog atleast.


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