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Best 10 Jobs in and after recession times

Always one is curios to do the best job. With economy going southward, it is only normal for people to save their job. And if you are not doing good work, no matter what job you are in, you will be laid off. Having said all this, I am looking into some of the best jobs around, in this recession time and afterwards.

Top 10 jobs, 2009

A recent study listed the top ten jobs. They took several parameters to identify the ideal career. And here are those results.

Mathematics all the way – One, two and three

The top most job is that of a mathematician’s. Work is fairly safe and interesting. All you need to do is, to take couple of lectures. Guide few Ph. D scholars and publish papers if any. Unlike other branch of studies, mathematics doesn’t surprise often. Apart from people who are doing cut throat research, there is no need to keep learning much.

The second job is actuary, again connected to mathematics, doing calculations and arriving on figures. They are employed in insurance companies and spend most of time crunching the numbers.

The third place is job of statistician. Statistician’s do lot of consulting. There are important in arriving at policy decisions. They design and run campaigns.


In a surprise fifth position you will find the software programmer. Even though the recession has caused damages to the software industry, there will still be some demand and growth for the programmer. Another study, rates computer programmer as the top most job. A CNN money study points out IT Generalist as the fifth best job. In another study, it is rated as the best job again.

Future Perfect

Going by the trends in IT, the future holds bright for the one who is ready to shed some extra effort into it. There is good opportunity for people who study accountancy and practice law. Customer service is another industry that is going to be a big hit. And there is always the evergreen classical studies, which have their own patch of greenery.

Having said the best, I need to mention about the worst ones too. The first among the worst is that of a lumber jack. Thank be to God, that we do some decent job.


3 responses to “Best 10 Jobs in and after recession times

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  2. Vijayendran R June 3, 2009 at 11:57 PM

    Recession times, and still u r pitting for Programmers, IT !! That s a tell tale sign of the Eternal hope and optimism that comes with being in the software field [;)]

  3. SREE GURUPARAN June 6, 2009 at 2:08 AM

    [:D]. Well, never loose hope. And I still think I would have been at a better position in college. Life is lot better with academia.

    Past apart.

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