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Complexity is not a cause of confusion. It is a result of it.

On Third Year, 50 Posts and Why Do I Blog?

This will be my fiftieth post. I know this is not an achievement in itself, perhaps just worth a post about itself. I take it as a chance to look back.

Why Do I Blog

Long time ago, one of my friend asked me, why do I write half page answer for two mark questions? I never had answer for him, and precisely I don’t have answer now too. This could be a reason I blog. Or perhaps, I got used to writing, I got used to explain things, used to get excited about news I like and want brag about it, or want to learn about technology and share the experience.I was in hostel for sometime, and the only pass time I was allowed to do was writing mails. I have written post cards and inland letters. I know I was writing too many. Back in 1995, in seventh grade, we designed and circulated hand drawn one page local newspaper. The newspaper was a run away success and have to stop eventually when half yearly exams came calling.

In higher standards, I took up writing essays and won prizes too. In college I took up writing for magazines. When people find it difficult to fill a page in slam book, I could happily write stories for tens of pages. All this while I was not introduced to web blogs.

In 2006, I setup a blog with blogspot (http://guru18.blogspot.com, first post was on April 21, titled “Greatest Mathematician”). But dint blog often, I was looking for setting up a website of my own. Foolish, I know you would shout at me, I gave it for googlepages.

Google pages site, titled “‘I Think’ therefore I am” (migrated to here http://sites.google.com/site/guruparan18/), the blog title is inspired Rene Descartes quote, and the first post there was on a news about Bharathi and his math skills. But googlepages is really bad idea. It never helped me in blogging. It involved many over heads. Particularly categorizing and tagging. I was looking for a good blogging service.

I moved into WordPress (on April 20, 2007). This time the title inspired by Euler’s response, which later became a great quote on mathematical dedication.

When a reporter asked Euler how is it like losing sight in one eye, Euler replied “Now, I will have less distractions”.

But I changed it to a simple title, in came “Abstract Confusions”. At first I was posting one post per month, primarily this was because I didn’t have a laptop on my own nor internet connection. Situation got changed in the last year and now I own a laptop and subscribe to broadband connection, resulting in two or three posts every month.


There is 7700 total views and 76 comments. Following are the top five posts per views.

  1. Math comic sites
  2. And hence the sudoku is solved
  3. Top Tamil Movies 2009 – The Good, Bad and Ugly
  4. White Chamber – An Interesting Game
  5. Sujatha dead

And my favorite three posts would be

  1. Stray Dogs, Rigor Mortis & Mathematics
  2. A Good Design Can Win You A World War
  3. Urinal Protocol and Hilbert’s Hotel

I started blogging on many categories, math, physics and Oracle becoming the connecting theme.

Blogging Tools

I too suffer from some sort of writers block, even though I don’t write often, I feel bad when I don’t post one post every month.

To help blogging, I use the following tools.

Windows Live Writer: An offline blogging tool which is very useful from writing your blog drafts, adding media files, editing categories to posting it on net. On the downside, there could be few issues with formats. Double quotes `”‘ might be represented as &quts. So far, I haven’t faced any other issue.

There are some interesting drafts waiting for the publication, few of them are

  • Mathematical games for children
  • Is Mahatma, maha atma?
  • Godel: The prise of being a perfect logician
  • With the Wig-maker
  • Proving or disproving six degrees of separation and
  • Dealing with death.

Not sure how many of them will see the light of the day.

WordPress: I use WordPress blogging service for hosting this blog. It has great set of features. Features like linking your Twitter, Yahoo profile accounts with WordPress will surely help you in taking you to wider audience. It has a good Latex support which I use often for my posts including mathematics, an analytical service used to keep track of statistics.

Your thoughts…

Do let me know what you think about this blog. Add your comments below or answer this simple survey (just 5 questions): here (or copy paste the link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J525Y5Q).

Thanks for reading.


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