Abstract Confusions

Complexity is not a cause of confusion. It is a result of it.

What’s in a Name? – A lot!

What is in a name? It is what people remember about you the first and the most. Some even say, your name can decide your character. Another news claims that which are the good names and bad names. Name could become very important. Recently, I had a chance to name my nephew. I was wondering, what could be a better name in 20 years from now? You change over time, you grow younger, and soon grow older. The name never changes.

But when it came to my name, it’s quite not same. Like all Tamilians, I too have a bigger name. For the record, the name is “Sree guruparan Palathurai Appachi”. Often shortened as “Guru”, there are few confusions around that, or at least I have seemed to cause a few.


Thats what my father wanted to name me after. He couldn’t do so since approval workflow included my grand father and few other seniors. My grand father didn’t like the name that much (neither do I, but I never had a say anyways). My grand father offered my father an option, that he can name the next child the way he liked but not this time. After some discussions with others, they decided on name “sreegurubaran”. A narrow escape from being Koteeswaran, it’s not like that I hate that name, but dint like it. How ever, in early 2000s, Sun network produced Koteeswaran game show, which was in its times, a hit.

Sreegurubaran P A

Thats what my name till 10th standard. It is “sreegurubaran p a”. And my 10th class teacher thought otherwise. He spelled my name as “sree guruparan p a” in 10th mark sheet (Note: There is a space in my name now). So, my official entry into gazette was as “sree guruparan p a”. And I came to know this change only when I got the mark sheets, but dint realise the seriousness. In few days after that, when joined eleventh standard, I paid school fees filling up forms as “sreegurubaran p a”, submitting mark sheets and transfer certificate for “sree guruparan p a”. Only to find later, that there were two entries in eleventh register, one as “sreegurubaran p a” and one more as “sree guruparan p a”. It took some time for me to explain both of them are my names and have to get rid of one of them. I would have let it go, but they were asking to pay school fees twice. 😀

Sree guruparan PA

The misery didn’t stop there. My undergraduate college clerical staffs had their chances to mess my name. And it took three years, there too, only when I was getting my transfer certificate, for me to realize a subtle but very important change, my name has become “sree guruparan pa” from “sree guruparan p a”, lost a single white space. When asked, they pointed out that I didn’t say any thing for the past three years. “Great! go on”, I said to myself. They also asked me to pay Rs 100 for every certificate, mark sheet I got to correct the mistake. I never thought, it’s worth that much. I kept quite.

My tenth and twelfth mark sheets  have space in initials. My UG degree certificate has no space and gives an impression like my last name is “pa”. When it came to further studies and other things thereof, I never know which one is right? I spelled it some where without space and some where with space.

Google Confusions

And after several years of internet life, and I am not maintaining uniformity with my name (what can I do? I was never sure what’s right, they kept changing 😦 ), I guess, I have created enough confusions. Sometimes, I declare my first name as “Sree” and last name as “guruparan”. Some other times as “Sreeguruparan” and last name as “PA”. That would have caused enough confusions to Google. Now a search on Google for “sreeguruparan” asks “Did you mean: Sree guruparan” ?


The Google confusion

spelling correction from Google suggest for name!

Google spelling correction

Spelling correction for Google suggest

Though both of the searches returns links related to me, Google thinks, and correctly, that both names are same. So, I have a dubious distinction of confusing Google. 🙂 … And some thing in my mind says this is not going to stop. Lets see how long it goes.


4 responses to “What’s in a Name? – A lot!

  1. Varunkumar Nagarajan June 8, 2010 at 11:07 PM

    This had happened to me also. My name was “Varun Kumar N” (There was a space between Varun and Kumar) But, on my 10th marksheet it was mispelt as “Varunkumar”. Started using “Varunkumar” after that. 🙂

  2. Sambath June 10, 2010 at 12:03 AM

    ada vidunga Guru… vayasana piragu yochichu enna punniyam

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