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Top Tamil Movies 2010: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Following last years best movies, I list down what I think the best, worst and forgettable movies in 2010.

Historical Failure Aayirathil Oruvan

A movie about mystical Chola king defeated by Pandiya king living in an island. The movie did create a wave with people applauding  Parthiban‘s acting, Reema Sen‘s portrayal. Did not do well in box offices, but it did make a bold attempt.

Surprise Success Tamil Padam

Even the director would have never expected this movie’s success. Tamil padam did make a life out of ridiculing all movies made so far and it was received well by the audiences. It was like watching Vijay TV‘s famous Lollu saba program for 3 hours.

This alone was not a reason for the movie’s success, note  when similar movie – ‘Va – Quarter Cutting‘ was made, it did not go well with the audience.

Musical Success Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

The movie is a through musical treat. About a film maker falling in love with his malayali neighbor. Directed by Gauthum Vasudevan Menon, music composed by A R Rahman, the movie did go well with youngsters. Unlike other Gauthum movies, the heroine did not die in the end and there is no or little fighting sequence. Simbu did get a makeover and making the most of it.

Bold Success Angadi Theru

Movie on people who work tirelessly in Ranganathan Street. It did go well with lot of people and created a huge apathy. The movie is critically acclaimed and box office hit as well. There were good songs in the movie. Though it had a sad end, people liked the new actors and Vasantha Balan’s directing as usual.

Epic Failure Raavanan

The movie which created a huge hype did not live up to the reputation of haracters it portrayed. Though I found it a new approach, but it is evident that Mani Ratnam did not know how to finish the story in second half. The Tamil version did well compared to Hindi Raavan.

Epic Success Madarasapatniam

A movie set in pre-independence India. It appealed to audience for the nice cinematography, simple story and patriotic setup

Commerical Success Enthiran

Do I need to say more? Rajini, Sankar and story line from Sujatha. Enthiran created world record opening and business for Tamil movie. Starting from NY Times, all western journals did take up the cue about Rajini.

As a fall off, there were steady stream of Chuck Noris-like jokes involving Rajni.

Critical Success Mynaa

Keeping with the trend of low-budget movies, dishing out a nice love story and a sad ending.

Copycat Success Nandalala

The movie was inspired by a Japanese movie and did well. First movie for Myskin as actor.

Forgettable Movies

Did I forget any movie? No. I did not. They are just, forgettable movies.

Sura – Yet again. Vijay starer and a stereo type movie.

Paiya – Another commercial movie.

Irumbu Kottai Muratu Singam – Though this movie will be known for the Tamil movie portrayal of wild western cowboys, it was a lengthy movie with known story line.

Singam – Commercial, gripping movie. Did have an engaging story but I found it to be as usual.

Boss Engira Baskaran – Nanbeanda was the dialogue people would remember for some time, rest would be forgotten soon.

Disappointing Failures

There are few movies which did not live upto the hype they created.

Goa – Expected, but turned out to be a flop show by Venkat.

Rettai Suzhi – This movie had impressive actors. Both Barathiraja and Balachander, but still dint not make any impression. Barathiraja’s action is mentionable though.

Va Quarter Cutting – Horrible movie. No more words.

Easan – Sasikumar directed movie. Director Samutharakani’s acting alone was mentionable.

Manmathan Ambu – Kamal’s answer to Rajni’s Enthiran.

Naan Mahan Alla – Though the movie did well, it doesn’t have any thing interesting apart from the usual masala.

Ratha Charitharam – Movie known for too much violence. Slow motion camera, blood oozing into the wet mud, some one has to die in each frame.


There were some nice music through out the year 2010. I liked the following tracks very much.

Aval appadi onrum alagillai – Angadi Theru

Unn perai sollum pothae – Angadi Theru

Thaai thindra mannae – Aayirathil Oruvan

Hosanna, Aaromale – Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya

Comedy For this year… and Next year

Actor Vijay’s movie name got changed from Body guard, to Kavalkaran, then to Kaval kadal. Finally the movie name got fixed to Kavalan. Vijay said he does not know the movie name he was acting.

Kavalan Vijay Comedy

Kavalan Vijay


4 responses to “Top Tamil Movies 2010: The Good, Bad and Ugly

  1. Karthikeyan January 3, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    Guru.. Is it Chola King or Pandya King ??

  2. vijay January 5, 2011 at 12:25 AM

    ரத்த சரித்திரம்…ச்சேய் …எந்த சாவு கிராக்கி சார் அந்த படத்தை எடுத்தது…..அது ஆடியன்ஸோட இரத்த சரித்திரம்னு உள்குத்தோட பேரு வச்சுருக்காங்க….

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