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Complexity is not a cause of confusion. It is a result of it.

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Some Interesting Requirements / Questions

Over the time I received few interesting requirements and questions. Few of them are straight forward that you do it in minutes, and few other questions are strange enough that some time have to sit and etch out the solution which is not top of the head. It would be only fair to share the information here. I would give you the requirement / question, if you can answer them, please add in comments.

You can use any language you like (except 3rd requirement). I was forced to use PL/SQL because of the project requirements.

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To run or not to run in rain? – A math solution

Ever faced with the inability to take decision whether to run or not to run in rain? or in a snow fall? The question is of course not about running on heavy rain.Most of the time when it drizzles you are left with inability to take decision whether you should ran like mad to home or just walk into it. Friends who wait for the rain to subside have always one easy solution to take. Few brave people decide to fancy it and run in the rain. I always used to run and think afterwards why I ran.

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Ask, you will get answered.

Welcome Guys and Gals…

You can always ask any douubt you have regarding your

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