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Best 10 Jobs in and after recession times

Always one is curios to do the best job. With economy going southward, it is only normal for people to save their job. And if you are not doing good work, no matter what job you are in, you will be laid off. Having said all this, I am looking into some of the best jobs around, in this recession time and afterwards.

Top 10 jobs, 2009

A recent study listed the top ten jobs. They took several parameters to identify the ideal career. And here are those results.

Mathematics all the way – One, two and three

The top most job is that of a mathematician’s. Work is fairly safe and interesting. All you need to do is, to take couple of lectures. Guide few Ph. D scholars and publish papers if any. Unlike other branch of studies, mathematics doesn’t surprise often. Apart from people who are doing cut throat research, there is no need to keep learning much.

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