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Abstract Confusions – 2011 in review

Got a nice report from WordPress. Though I did not blog actively in 2011, there are quite few posts that still cornered people’s attention. One of my new years resolution is to write more. So, sit firm and buckle up, here I come, 2012! 🙂

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 21,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


What’s special about 2012?

Happy new year to all. Wish you the most successful and happiest year ahead.

Now, that being said, let us look at the specialty of 2012. Being an even-numbered year, and a leap year, 2012 for sure is attractive.  Though few can complaint about having one extra day to get through in February.

2012 – Alan Turing year

2012 is named as Alan Turing’s year. Alan Turing was born on 23rd, June of 1912. 2012 will be his birth centenary year. He is widely respected for inventing theoretical computer and much of code breaking in Cryptology.  His contribution in war-time Britain saved scores of live and eventually lead allied forces to win world war II.

2012 – Cooperative year

2012 is also named as international co-operative year. Co-operatives or cooperative unions are special kind of business/non-business establishments. It is special to me, as I have studied a cooperative management diploma for a year.

2012 – Mathematical significance

2012 is also a E-Toothpick sequence number. Last year, 2011, we observed what as a toothpick numbered year. A E-Toothpick is formed by three half toothpicks, like a trident.

2012 : E-Toothpick number

2012 : E-Toothpick number

2012 – Mayan Calendar

The story of 2012 as the end year of Mayan calendar is well-known.  Even there are a handful of movies made on it. It is left to see what happens in 2012. Even if we have to go by Mayan’s, we have full year 2012.

Mayan Calendar till 2012

Mayan Calendar ends at 2012

2012 is has same calendar as of 1984, 1956 and will have same as 2040, 2068 (that’s +/- multiples of 28 years). On another side note, there is a move to have a permanent calendar. A calendar that has every weekdays of a month identical year after year.

From: http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=13940

Two Johns Hopkins professors are proposing a new calendar in which dates would fall on the same days of the week every year.

The calendar proposed by Richard Conn Henry, an astrophysicist, and Steve H. Hanke, an applied economist, begins each year on Sunday, Jan. 1.

There will one full week added every 5th or 6th year.

Do you like it? I do not. Not just simply for the reason, that there will be no new calendars printed with glossy models. Also for the fact that there will be no surprises in the holidays and leaves. Doesn’t it become monotonous?

Top Tamil Movies 2010: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Following last years best movies, I list down what I think the best, worst and forgettable movies in 2010.

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Some Interesting Requirements / Questions

Over the time I received few interesting requirements and questions. Few of them are straight forward that you do it in minutes, and few other questions are strange enough that some time have to sit and etch out the solution which is not top of the head. It would be only fair to share the information here. I would give you the requirement / question, if you can answer them, please add in comments.

You can use any language you like (except 3rd requirement). I was forced to use PL/SQL because of the project requirements.

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What’s in a Name? – A lot!

What is in a name? It is what people remember about you the first and the most. Some even say, your name can decide your character. Another news claims that which are the good names and bad names. Name could become very important. Recently, I had a chance to name my nephew. I was wondering, what could be a better name in 20 years from now? You change over time, you grow younger, and soon grow older. The name never changes.

But when it came to my name, it’s quite not same. Like all Tamilians, I too have a bigger name. For the record, the name is “Sree guruparan Palathurai Appachi”. Often shortened as “Guru”, there are few confusions around that, or at least I have seemed to cause a few. Read more of this post

On Third Year, 50 Posts and Why Do I Blog?

This will be my fiftieth post. I know this is not an achievement in itself, perhaps just worth a post about itself. I take it as a chance to look back.

Why Do I Blog

Long time ago, one of my friend asked me, why do I write half page answer for two mark questions? I never had answer for him, and precisely I don’t have answer now too. This could be a reason I blog. Or perhaps, I got used to writing, I got used to explain things, used to get excited about news I like and want brag about it, or want to learn about technology and share the experience. Read more of this post

Favorite Comics Heroes From Childhood

I was introduced to comics by my father at a early age mainly to enhance my reading skills. My father would buy me comics on weekends or holidays. Most of the time, I would exchange comics with relatives and school friends. Thanks to the wonderful 1990s. In TV there was only Doordarshan, and we dint have cable connection either. With Doordashan dishing out more and more Hindi programs, a poor tamilian could not do much but to look else where. Comics was just perfect. It offered action, thriller and awe, all in Tamil. Tamil comics world was dominated by “Lion Comics” and “Rani Comics”.  I will list my childhood heroes.

Tex Willer

Tex Willer is my favorite comics hero. For some strange reasons I like his story line set in west. The stories are linked to native red Indians, fights and mysticism. He has no special powers. He handles rifle with at most precision and rides horse all the time. He and his son Kit, his friend Kit Carson and assistant Tiger solves major native Indians problems.


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What’s Special about 2010?

I was planning for this post for a long time. I got some time now, so here goes my first blog post for year 2010.

I always go fancy over even numbers, and odd numbers doesn’t appeal to me, on that note, number 2009 was a dull year to me. But number 2009 turns out to rather be a mathematical marvel. 2009 factorial ends exactly with 500 0’s. Last 500 digits of 2009! is 0. And there will be one more extra zero at the end in 2010 factorial.

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Professional Resume Using Latex Templates

It is really difficult to typeset a resume. If you are already using Microsoft word (there are some word templates here) for this, and you think your resume is looking better, then this post is not for you. For all others who want to  try some thing new, I have found a good source.

Latex Resume Templates

Latex is a cool software to typeset professional looking document. It is the first choice for many. What’s more? It’s free and beats every other software which in the class by long margin. The only problem being, you need to learn the commands, tips and tricks to make the most of it.

Sample Resume output

Professional looking Resume

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Information is beautiful – My Week

Inspired by Information is beautiful. The site is maintained by David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer. And he says,

I’m interested in how designed information can help us understand the world, cut through BS and reveal hidden connections, patterns and stories underneath. Or, failing that, it can just look cool!

Here is my week.

My week

My week in numbers

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