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Complexity is not a cause of confusion. It is a result of it.

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Barbarians led by Bill Gates

Recently I read a book about Microsoft’s Operating systems – Windows.

This happened to be a good read if you have interests in product / software development. I have long cherished other operating systems, like Linux and other UNIX systems. Mainly for their ability to do things and robustness. Windows was never in picture. After I finished reading it, I had a complete new look towards Windows.

It is of like, poor chap, he has tried so many things. No wonder why he couldn’t be like Apple mac or Linux OS.

Few pointers from the book.

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If God was a…

Just now started reading the book – “If God was a banker” – by Ravi Subramanian. On the outset the book looks good and easy read.

Might take a week or more (Oh., I am really not sure how long I am going to take… :-D) . So, just wait for the review when I have finished reading and update you on this.

Update: I have finished reading the book on 25-Feb-2008 Monday. Expected to write the review soon.