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Complexity is not a cause of confusion. It is a result of it.

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Stray Dogs, Rigor Mortis & Mathematics

In one of the last October month’s outpour’s, we got an unlikely guest at our door step. When I first heard weak howling, I dismissed it to the sound of vicious wind, later it got intense and this time it is not faint, it is a miserable cry. When I checked the door, I found a week old dog pup. Shivering in the cold and rain, it curled itself to the door mat. I felt so pity of it, so got few old clothes and heaved at it for extra warmth. It was already mid night, I left it and slept.

What happened next day was surprise for me. Eager to see, whether the pup was still there, I opened to door to check. There were two dog pups, not one. The new one seemed to be elder to the old one by a day. But both of them were happy. Now, feeding one dog was fine, but two? It was no easy job. But we kept them feeding for quite some time.

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Abstract Confusions

I have changed the blog title to “Abstract Confusions”. I was looking for a suitable title for quite a long time. Previously the blog title was “Now I will have less distractions”. This the quote of great mathematician Euler. The blog title, ideally has to be of two words and not a dialogue or so, I was telling to myself. So, I started searching for a blog title.

I have decided that I will have a math jargon as the title. Searched a lot and couldn’t settle for one, that caused me lot of confusions (Ah, now you might have got the clue from where I got this name! 😉 ) I was equally impressed with so many blog titles from the blog-o-sphere. Among them, one stood out. It is “Abstract Nonsense“. Abstract nonsense is a technical term used in category theorem.

So finally I got – Abstract Confusions. I googled it as soon as I christened. There is no exact hit for the search. I searched for  this blog, and found it no-where. I was bit ambitious. I am waiting. 🙂