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Complexity is not a cause of confusion. It is a result of it.

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What’s in a Name? – A lot!

What is in a name? It is what people remember about you the first and the most. Some even say, your name can decide your character. Another news claims that which are the good names and bad names. Name could become very important. Recently, I had a chance to name my nephew. I was wondering, what could be a better name in 20 years from now? You change over time, you grow younger, and soon grow older. The name never changes.

But when it came to my name, it’s quite not same. Like all Tamilians, I too have a bigger name. For the record, the name is “Sree guruparan Palathurai Appachi”. Often shortened as “Guru”, there are few confusions around that, or at least I have seemed to cause a few. Read more of this post

To run or not to run in rain? – A math solution

Ever faced with the inability to take decision whether to run or not to run in rain? or in a snow fall? The question is of course not about running on heavy rain.Most of the time when it drizzles you are left with inability to take decision whether you should ran like mad to home or just walk into it. Friends who wait for the rain to subside have always one easy solution to take. Few brave people decide to fancy it and run in the rain. I always used to run and think afterwards why I ran.

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Abstract Confusions

I have changed the blog title to “Abstract Confusions”. I was looking for a suitable title for quite a long time. Previously the blog title was “Now I will have less distractions”. This the quote of great mathematician Euler. The blog title, ideally has to be of two words and not a dialogue or so, I was telling to myself. So, I started searching for a blog title.

I have decided that I will have a math jargon as the title. Searched a lot and couldn’t settle for one, that caused me lot of confusions (Ah, now you might have got the clue from where I got this name! 😉 ) I was equally impressed with so many blog titles from the blog-o-sphere. Among them, one stood out. It is “Abstract Nonsense“. Abstract nonsense is a technical term used in category theorem.

So finally I got – Abstract Confusions. I googled it as soon as I christened. There is no exact hit for the search. I searched for  this blog, and found it no-where. I was bit ambitious. I am waiting. 🙂