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Gravity No More a Fundamental Force?

Ever since Newton discovered gravitational force, people tried to understand how it worked. Unlike other forces gravity continued to puzzle scientists and people all the same.

Gravity – A Weak Force

Gravity is a weak force. The gravitational force is given by

F=\frac{G \times M_1 \times M_2}{r^2} .

Where G is a constant, M_1 and M_2 is mass of the two respective bodies. Now, why do I call it as weak force?

Consider this scenario, when you are combing your hair, the hair falls down. When you calculate gravitational force, it take the entire mass of earth to act over a single hair. To make things worse, all you need is the static energy from the comb to lift the hair from floor. And yet you can not rule this force altogether. There were several theories put forward to explain gravitational force. Several approaches include string theory and quantum mechanics treatments.

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