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My Favorite Mathematicians

History of humanity is full of stories about achievements of outstanding men and women. It is even more interesting and captivating when we read about mathematicians. I will try to list down the great people of mathematics who were the driving force of conceptual thinking and intellectual advancement of mathematics. This is in continuation with a story I wrote some time ago.

Earliest Mathematicians

No one know where the first class in mathematics was held. But all of us know for pretty sure what could have been the first theorem proved. Pre historic math was used for studying geometry and planetary. Greeks mastered this field of mathematics. Euclid, Aristotle, Archimedes and Pythagoras were the most noted mathematicians. They all are philosophers too. For good, once, a great mastery over written and oratory skill of a language was needed to practice mathematics.

In India, Baskara wrote Lilavati, a book written in poetic verses about mathematics. But the scene shifted slowly. As math became more abstract words and verses gave away to numbers and symbols. Read more of this post


Best 10 Jobs in and after recession times

Always one is curios to do the best job. With economy going southward, it is only normal for people to save their job. And if you are not doing good work, no matter what job you are in, you will be laid off. Having said all this, I am looking into some of the best jobs around, in this recession time and afterwards.

Top 10 jobs, 2009

A recent study listed the top ten jobs. They took several parameters to identify the ideal career. And here are those results.

Mathematics all the way – One, two and three

The top most job is that of a mathematician’s. Work is fairly safe and interesting. All you need to do is, to take couple of lectures. Guide few Ph. D scholars and publish papers if any. Unlike other branch of studies, mathematics doesn’t surprise often. Apart from people who are doing cut throat research, there is no need to keep learning much.

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Stray Dogs, Rigor Mortis & Mathematics

In one of the last October month’s outpour’s, we got an unlikely guest at our door step. When I first heard weak howling, I dismissed it to the sound of vicious wind, later it got intense and this time it is not faint, it is a miserable cry. When I checked the door, I found a week old dog pup. Shivering in the cold and rain, it curled itself to the door mat. I felt so pity of it, so got few old clothes and heaved at it for extra warmth. It was already mid night, I left it and slept.

What happened next day was surprise for me. Eager to see, whether the pup was still there, I opened to door to check. There were two dog pups, not one. The new one seemed to be elder to the old one by a day. But both of them were happy. Now, feeding one dog was fine, but two? It was no easy job. But we kept them feeding for quite some time.

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