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Oracle Database and Partial Differential Equations (PDE)

I was going through this website and found this interesting offer on Oracle Database 10g: Complete Reference. This wonderful book is sold for INR 63 (+100 for handling and postage), and in total INR 163 with companion CD. It still worked out to a good deal. Until I found the related titles, which the site suggested, “If you like the above item, you might also like the following items:” and listed down books from Partial Differential Equations (PDE).

Now, please don’t get angry. Either there has to be hidden connection between Oracle and PDE or the site some how read my mind. You can also try and it might still show up to you. Even I would like to know where there is any relation between Oracle Database and Partial Differential Equations.

Native Webservice Inside Oracle Database

Lot of times, developers configure and build web service using Java, ASP or some other technology.

In most of the times, the web services called from Java program (or some thing of same sort) connects to database, pulls out chunk of data, processes them and returns them in nice XML structure. The program which called the web service gets the XML, and processes it and presents it to the viewer.

In Oracle database release 10g, Oracle supports native web services. i.e., you can setup and configure web services right inside database. So, how to do that? Let’s start with creating a user and a DAD for out testing.


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