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Best of Sangam Tamil Poetry – Theme: Uncertainty

தமிழ்ச் சங்க பாடல்களில் என்னை கவர்ந்த சில பாடல்களை உலகத் தமிழ் செம்மொழி மாநாடு நடக்கும் சமயத்தில் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள நினைக்கிறேன். தமிழ் செய்யுள்கள் வாழ்வின் எல்லா பரிமாணங்களையும் பிரதிமளித்தாலும் எனக்கு மிகவும் பிடித்தது “நிலையாமை” சார்ந்த பாடல்களே. நாலடியார், திருக்குறள், கம்பராமாயணம் என எல்லா நூல்களிலும் இக்கருத்து கொண்ட பாடல்களை காண முடியும். சில இங்கே.

வாழ்வு நிலையாமை

வாழ்வு எவ்வளவு நிலை இல்லாதது? நாலடியார் சொல்கிறது, “வாழ்க்கையில் எதை நிலையானது என்று நினைத்து மனம் அலை பாய்கின்றதோ அது நிலையற்றது. செய்ய வேண்டியது ஒரே காரியம் என்றாலும், அதை விரைந்து செம்மையாக முடியுங்கள், மரணம் எப்போது வேண்டுமானாலும் வரலாம், வாழ் நாள் அறுதியில் முடிந்து விடும்”.

மரணம் எதன் பொருட்டும், யார் பொருட்டும் நில்லாது என்பதை வலியுறுத்திட்டிற்று.


ஆங்கில மொழிமாற்றம் கீழே.

The things of which you said, “they stand, they stand”, stand not; mark thee, and perform what befits, yea! what befits, with all your power! Your days are gone, are gone! and death close pressing on is come, is come! Read more of this post

Top Tamil Movies 2009 – The Good, Bad and Ugly

This year is coming to a close. There are some really good movies I have seen in this year. Tamil movies, English movies and Hindi movies. Following is the list of movies I thought best described the good, bad and ugly among the entire movies released in 2009. Read more of this post

Small life

You come across all kind of quotes very often. Most of them will be quotes, interesting, strange and if not bizarre. I came across one such quote. I don’t know whether you can call it as a quote. It is an equation.

“Small life + 1 = Very Small life”

That’s interesting. My favorite equation was of Reimann’s zeta function. I have it as my on-line avatar display picture.

\zeta(s) = \sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{1}{n^s}

Try understanding it! On the outset, it looks absurd and meaning less. But it has a meaning. Okay, let me not keep speculating it. “Small life” is the age of you. “+1″ is your birthday. So, Small life + 1 is your process of getting old, you are left with vey small life to live with.

This equation, remembered me of a kural (4th kural from 34th Chapter, see below). The entire chapter of that kural is given below

Thanks to IIT-Madras –Kural initiative. So, tell me now, isn’t that equation correct?

Sujatha dead

On Wednesday, 27-Feb-2008, the famous Tamil writer Sujatha died in Chennai. He was 72.

I have read so many books written by him. The most famous and vividly remembered one (two exactly) being ‘En inniya eyanthra‘ and ‘Meendoom Jeno‘. I was in 10th or eleventh standard then, my father gave me the copies of these books to read. The first book – en inniya eyanthra – where he introduces Jeno – the robot dog for the first time. Much early in age, I don’t know what is the funda behind robot. But that fascinated me a lot. The second book to follow – ‘meendom jeeno‘ was even more interesting. In the last chapter when Jeno was put to death, it created so much grief for the reader. These two novels came in AnandaViktan.


Sujatha’s another sequel with Junior Vikatan was also a big hit. The series – ‘Enn? Etharkku? Eppadi?’ -where he answers users questions on science was a big success and trend setter. He could explain complex questions with ease of language that could be understood my commoner with a wit always. He later started writing about the functioning of brain as ‘Thalamai seyalagam‘ in same the weekly was received with success. He has written number of fictions. The famous characters I could remember, being ‘Ganesh & Vasanth’. That was really a trend setter in Tamil literary world.

Sujatha’s – Kanaiyaaleein kadaisee pakkangal was a treat to literary crowd. Later in his days he kept writing in Vikatan (Katratham, petrathum!!) In this section he discussed about the day to day happenings, books he read, shows he watched and about every thing that fascinated him. His new-year special awards was hilarious, during the year end eve, he will announcing awards to people who he thinks has done (also not done) some thing worth mentioning.

Perhaps, Sujatha is one of the earlier writer who hot the advantage of using Computers for writing. A tech geek, he kept his knowledge updated with the advancement of science. He worked in Bharat Electorincs. He is the one who headed the group which came out with electronic voting machines (EVM).

Some of Sujatha’s novels were made as film. Vikram – staring Kamal was the early one I suppose. After that another one featuring – Satyaraj (Airport) was filmed. In later days, he wrote screen play and dialogues for Tamil movies directed by Sankar, the last one being, ‘Sivaji – The boss‘. He is supposedly working for the feature film – Robot – featuring Rajini.

His dead, certainly is a loss, and hard to fill the vacuum his death created.