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Virtual Columns in Oracle 11g R1

I just found out this good feature in Oracle 11g release 1. How many times you felt tired because you were coding again and again for a particular function while selecting data from table?

Consider the following table. The table contains employee name, date of joining. Year of joining will not be stored in database as it can be always derived from one data. An dependable data! Assume, you need it desperately for some sake. One way is use views to achieve the purpose.

With Oracle 11gR1 virtual columns, you can add an virtual column in table for easy selection.

SQL> create table empTable
 2         ( name varchar2(20)
 3         , doj date
 4         , yoj generated always as (to_char(doj,'yyyy')) virtual
 5         )
 6 /
Table created.

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