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Urinal Protocol and Hilbert’s Hotel

There are two things I read this week and thought weird. One is about ‘Urinal protocol’.

Urinal protocol vulnerability

For those who don’t know what it is, read here. The point is, in a public rest room, every male should take due effort to use the buffer urinal. There are un-written rules, protocols people follow in using urinals. The common one being, using the urinal which is at the maximum distance to the one occupied already. Then, the point of using, allocating these resources effectively comes in as a concern. Read more of this post

Math comic sites

There are some important, good, hilarious math sites you need to follow.  Few of them are listed below.


xkcd is one the best comic strip site based on math and drawn Randall Munroe. Randall, graduated as a physics student, writes most of the time about mathematics, romance, sarcasm and language.

He draws panel comics. And the figures in stick forms. Most of the strips have comments in the mouse over tool tips. There are some wonderful comic strips in his site. Few strips from there.

Numerical sexual positions defined

Numerical sexual positions defined

Well, chill down. Not all strips are not like that. And my best.

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